How to Ensure Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

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Everyone loves the aroma and color of fresh-cut flowers. They make for a perfect gift for any occasion. A survey showed that 86% of people say flower deliveries make them feel special.

However, they can dry out quickly if you do not care for them. On the flip side, they can last up to 12 days from the time they are delivered if you take good care of them. Here are some of the top tips on making your bouquet last longer.

Use the Right Vase

Most people receiving a flower bouquet tend to overlook the significance of the vase. The vase needs to be of the right size to provide the necessary support. The rule of thumb is the stems should be one and a half to two times the container's height.

Just because your flower shop handed you tulips with tall stems doesn’t mean you can’t trim them. The container must also be thoroughly cleaned and left to dry completely. Kindly remember to unwrap your flowers if you receive them wrapped.

Prepping the Stems

When you receive fresh cut flowers, take time to measure the stems before placing them in the vase. Then trim the stems at an angle using very sharp scissors or shears. The angular cut allows for a greater surface area to be in contact with the water. Dull tools can injure the tissues, killing the flower in the process.

For the best results, trim the stems every time you change the water. Repeat the angular cut keeping it between 0.5 and one inch. Regular trimming will keep the bouquet delivered from a flower shop fresh for longer.

Prune the Leaves

It is also essential that you remove decaying leaves to stop the spread of bacteria. If you notice any signs of discoloration or rotting, be sure to remove those parts. Always ensure no part of the flower is touching the water. Too much dampness can encourage decay, which will reduce the lifespan of your flowers.

Keep Away from Heat

Most people mistakenly believe that they should place the bouquet delivered from a flower shop in direct sunlight. However, heat and sunlight will compel the plant to continue growing to maturity. But since it can’t survive, it will die faster.

The best temperature to store fresh cut flowers from a florist is between 65- and 73-degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing your bouquet near appliances that produce heat. A cool place without draughts is ideal for preventing wilting or drying out.

Change the Water Regularly

If you notice that the water is turning cloudy, it is usually a sign of bacteria growth. It means the stem cannot absorb the water or food, and it will shorten its life. If you use flower food from a top florist, ensure it is thoroughly mixed when you change the water.

Make sure you change the water every two to three days. Ensure the vase is clean and re-trim the stems before placing back the flowers.


Even though it seems like a lot of work, the task takes only a few minutes every two or three days. The result is that the flower deliveries continue to adorn your home and make you happy. For more on how to ensure your fresh cut flowers last longer, or for flower delivery services kindly call Elite Flowers and Gifts.


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