Glendale, AZ Flower Delivery Policies

Assurance For Safe and Timely Delivery

Elite Flowers & Gifts florist is committed to helping provide timely deliveries for you and your loved ones as needed. Please see the below specifications for our deliveries. 

Time Delivery Specifications

As a family-owned flower shop, we understand the necessity of getting ordered items out in a timely manner for your special occasions. We always do our best to accommodate any time specifications noted in any order placed. You may note any time requirements needed in the "special instructions" section of your online order. If you are placing the order over the phone, you must make sure the customer service representative is aware of any time constraints. 

Even though we do our best to accommodate requests for Glendale, AZ flower delivery, we cannot guarantee certain delivery times. If there is an issue that your order must be delivered by a certain time, you may call us at 480-639-3333 and we will tell you if it is possible or not. Please be aware that there may be circumstances out of our control that will not allow us to meet a delivery time request. However, not delivering by a requested time is no allowance for cancellation of an order. Also, we are generally unable to accommodate certain delivery times during the weeks of major floral holidays (i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). We are also unable to make any changes to any order after it is en route for delivery. Please be aware of these details before you place your order. 

Delivery Locations

We are a family-owned and operated flower shop located in Glendale, Arizona. We service areas of Northern Phoenix and surrounding cities. Placing an order through our online portal is not a guarantee of delivery acceptance. We will notify you if your delivery location is out of our delivery area. If you are placing an order on our website that is out of our delivery area, it will show an $80 delivery fee. If you proceed with your order, we will make all efforts to deliver it for you regardless of location or find a reputable filling florist on your behalf. If it is not possible, we will notify you of necessary changes to your order. Should this happen, a refund will be issued back to your card immediately and funds will return to your bank in 3-5 business days. If you are unsure if we cover the requested area, please call us at 480-639-3333 and we will be happy to help.

Same-Day Deliveries

All orders placed through our online portal for same-day delivery must be completed by 1 pm to assure we can complete the order. If there is any issue accommodating your same-day delivery request, we may call you at the customer number provided to ask for a date change. If a date change is not possible and you wish to cancel the order, we will issue you a refund and funds will return to your bank account in 3-5 business days. 

We do not make any certain delivery time guarantees for orders placed for same-day delivery. If you are ordering for an event (such as a funeral) that must arrive by a certain time, you must call the shop at 480-639-3333 to inquire if it is possible before you place your online order. All funeral orders must be placed at least 4 hours before the start of the service.

Sunday and Holiday Deliveries

Please check the requested delivery date with our normal working hours. Delivery services may often not be available on Sundays or on some holidays. We will make every effort to accommodate all delivery date requests, but please note that items requested to be delivered on a Sunday or holiday may be delivered on the day before or the day after the requested delivery date. If there is an event that is outside of our normal delivering hours that you need for us to deliver to, please call us to ask if any accommodations can be made.

Holiday Hours

We are open on Mother's Day (always a Sunday) and maintain extended hours during Valentine's Day Week, and Mother's Day Week. We are closed during the following six national holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas and Valentine’s Day periods During the busy floral weeks of Christmas and Valentine's Day we advise customers to place orders early to receive the best possible selection and service. We do our best to accommodate same-day delivery requests during these busy times, however, we cannot guarantee every last minute order due to sheer volumes. We strongly recommend that customers place orders two days prior to each major holiday.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

To provide you with the best possible service, you can cancel your order at anytime prior to delivery. However, if your order is en route or delivered, we will be unable to cancel the order. We are further unable to make any changes to orders after they are en route. Our inability to make changes to any order after it has left our shop is not grounds for refund, redelivery or cancellation.

You can call us at 480-639-3333 anytime to cancel an order. We will try our best to accommodate your request as long as your request meets our cancellation policy.


To provide you with the best possible service, you can return your order for replacement or refund as long as the product does not meet quality standards and the store is notified within 7 days of your order being picked up or delivered.

Flowers & Perishable Products

If you are not fully satisfied with your gift, we will replace that product to your satisfaction. To receive the replacement product, please call us at 480-639-3333. All replacement requests must be made within 7 days of your order being received.

Specialty Gifts

Specialty gift items that are non-perishable may be returned for any reason, for a full refund (within 7 days of receipt of the item) provided the items are returned unopened with the original packing materials and documentation.

To return an item, please call us at 480-639-3333.

Substitution Policy

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your bouquet due to the availability of certain flowers in various parts of the country or containers/vases available at any given time in our shop. Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal or greater value. Additionally, the substitution of certain keepsake items may be necessary due to increased demand, especially during major holidays. In single-flower arrangements, such as an all rose bouquet, or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type but may substitute with another color. We will make every effort to contact you if substitutions are needed. If we are unable to reach you, we will send it with a substitution but upgrade the arrangement. 

Proper Care of perishable goods

We make every effort to provide the highest quality flowers to our customers. However, even the best flowers will not live long if they are not properly cared for. All flower arrangements are delivered in water containing flower food. In order to keep your flower arrangement fresh, please make sure you are keeping them out of sunlight/heated areas. Also, remember to replace the water with fresh, cool water daily to ensure a longer life for your beautiful arrangement. If you have a foam arrangement, make sure to add more water to the foam after a few days to ensure the flowers have enough water to survive longer. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding proper care for your floral arrangement or plant, please call us at 480-639-3333 to discuss care with a florist. If you have followed these steps and your flowers still perished too soon, please see our return policy above. 

Coupon uses

We will often extend coupon codes for our valued customers. Sometimes offers may overlap each other. All coupon codes may be used once per customer and cannot be combined with other offers. 

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