What Types of Funeral Flowers Should You Send?

Here is a list of different types of funeral flower arrangements that will be the light is despair-

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The flower world seems to be all bright, fresh and full joy. But not always, flowers have been an essential part of funeral services. Why you may ask? It is because flowers are known for their calming properties, emotive expression, and a presence which is serene yet powerful to elevate our mood. With the number of flower arrangements on the market one may not know which flower is best suited to show sympathy. There is a separate category for such flowers, with different shape formation and traditional flowers meant for funerals specifically.

Here is a list of different types of funeral flower arrangements that will be the light is despair-

Roses and Carnations Bouquet

    Beginning with a glendale florist exclusive, this bouquet is a heart shaped wreath. Generally arranged by family members only, wreaths are usually in a circular shape but this one is a pink themed heart shape. Bright pink colors might seem like an odd selection but the color pink represents calmness and nostalgia. In this arrangement you will find flowers like Lavender roses, purple button poms, pink carnations, pink gladiolus, lavender chrysanthemums, and pink hydrangea. This is a standing wreath that stays up around the venue.

    Chrysanthemum and Snapdragon Bouquet

      For this flower bundle you would need flowers of color white and yellow. The color white is a traditional pick for funeral flowers. Whiteness represents peace, clarity and calm after passing away. This flower arrangement is meant to be kept around the venue. You find in this bouquet flowers like well bloomed yellow lilies, thin and well pleated crysthmums in white, yellow roses with petals assembled in pure symmetry, stock, white snapdragons, premium greens like eucalyptus leaves.

      Hydrangea and Lilies Bouquet

        A simple bouquet with mixed colorful roses and white lilies or hydrangeas. Arranged in a square clear vase, these flowers together create a well balanced look. For roses you can choose a single color like red, creme one you can go with different colors like purple, orange and pink. These flowers together signify love, innocence, purity and the life spent. These Funeral Flowers in Glendale are easily found.

        Asters and lisianthus Bouquet

          For this you can go with a white base and elements of green. This combination of green and white has been a popular choice. There is a wide range of white flowers to choose from but some are traditional ones like easter lilies, roses, fresh freesia, lisianthus, asters, and limonium with premium green leaves and foliage. Make it a round wreath or a cross with red roses around, this way you can create a standing wreath.

          Lilies and Gladiolus Bouquet

            In nature we find colors, from soft to vibrant these colors are a representation of the king of life lived. Pastel shades for a calm or introverted personality and vibrant ones for a more lively person. You can go with a bunch and make it either a standing spray or flower arrangement. You can go with flowers like pastel lilies, lavender, light pink and white. You can add to these hydrangeas, carnations and Lavender gladiolus.

            These flowers in peoria az are just appropriate for showing your support and sympathy. Flowers have an ability to be unique and rare, get your specially made bouquet from Elite Flowers & Gifts.


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