7 Indoor Gardening Tips for Thriving Houseplants

So, if you wish to grow or already have an indoor garden, get indoor plants delivery and follow these indoor gardening tips for your houseplants.

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Indoor plants are perfect to enhance the beauty of your home. Though these natural beauties require different types of care, indoor plants have a few basic rules.

So, if you wish to grow or already have an indoor garden, get indoor plants delivery and follow these indoor gardening tips for your houseplants.

1. Do not over-water

    For indoor plants, be careful about over-watering than under-watering. The goal here is to keep the soil moist not soggy. Over-watering houseplants get the soil air spaces choked. As a result, the plant roots do not receive air which is as vital as nutrients and water. If you get indoor plant delivery in Glendale AZ, water them once or twice weekly. Pour the water slowly and keep the soil dry about 2” down. Water thoroughly and let it drain out from the pot.

    2. Let there be light

      Your houseplants need proper sunlight. Ensure to keep your windows clean and allow as much sunlight and warmth as possible, especially during winters. Also, for indoor plants that require bulbs, use LED grow lights to keep them healthy and growing. Move the plants as and when necessary to allow maximum warmth and light.

      3. Keep the plants clean

        Keep your plants clean, especially the leafy ones. If you get succulent plant delivery, shower these plants often. Don’t let the layers of dust block the light necessary for photosynthesis.

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        Here’s how you can keep your plants clean:

        • Remove brown and dead leaves.
        • Keep a whole plant under the shower. It helps to remove scale, bugs, and other pests.
        • Keep the windows clean to allow light, sunshine, and heat as much as possible.

        4. Provide fertilizers for nutrients

        Along with flowers and plants delivery, get fertilizers too. They are necessary to keep your plants healthy. Replenish the potting soil with nutrients regularly. And fertilize your houseplants once a month when they are growing or flowering. In the winter months, you can decrease or pause the fertilizer regimen. This is a general rule. If you have indoor plants with specific fertilizer requirements, follow that. Plants shop near Glendale AZ can help you to buy specific fertilizers.

        5. Refresh the soil

        Refreshing the potting soil is a necessity for indoor plants. Remove the plant from the pot, time the root ball back, and put it in a clean pot with fresh potting soil. Potting the plant in new soil at regular intervals keeps the houseplants healthy. However, do not re-pot them too often.

        6. Choose a perfect-sized pot

          When choosing pots for your houseplants, consider the size, material, and drainage of the pot. Make sure that the pot fits the current plant size, not too big and not too small. Give them ample space to grow, but be careful about picking a large pot. Your plant roots won’t be able to absorb moisture fast enough if you get a pot larger than necessary. If you want to send someone plants instead of flower bouquets, go for potted orchid plants delivery. These plants look beautiful and the blooms ate exotic. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the pot size. Glendale florists like Elite flowers & gifts can offer and help you with choosing your orchid plants potted in the right-sized pot.

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          7. Cut away old growth

            To encourage new growth, prune your indoor plants, especially during late winter. Due to low light during winters, few plants may grow leggy. So, remove the old growth and let the new ones grow.

            A healthy indoor garden grows best when you buy the right plants for the right space. Avoid growing the light-loving plants in a dark room, or put the shade-loving plants in direct sunlight. Pay attention to the needs of your houseplants and witness a lush garden, even in winter.


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