9 Popular Easter Flowers and Their Meanings

Look around and appreciate nature's offerings as your family goes on an Easter egg hunt.

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Easter, the festival of rebirth, is just around the corner! Look around and appreciate nature's offerings as your family goes on an Easter egg hunt. There are a lot of Spring flowers that are traditionally associated with Easter. If you're looking for a Glendale florist, take a moment to learn more about flowers before ordering them. Here are a few of our favourites, as well as the meanings behind them.

Easter lily

The Easter Lily is, without a doubt, the most iconic Easter flower. The trumpet-shaped white blossoms of white water lilies. They are the traditional Easter flower because they represent purity, virtue, innocence, hope, and life.

Easter cactus

Easter cactus is a spring-blooming epiphytic succulent with small, vivid flowers in a rainbow of colours. Hatiora rosea, a related tiny Easter cactus, has rosy blossoms. Both have come to represent the Easter holiday and the vibes of the hoppy easter.


Gardeners use them to signal the start of a new gardening season, and since they bloom so close to Easter, they've also become a festive emblem. Daffodils are a symbol of new life because they bloom early in the spring. Because they've traditionally been associated with Lent, they're known as "Lent lilies" in England.


Another early spring flower is the crocus, which is known for its beautiful purple and gold blossoms that can be seen peeking out through the remnants of the snow. These are an Easter classic, ideal for joyful gatherings because they represent youth and enjoyment.


Tulips, which are among the earliest flowers to arise from their winter slumber, have a rebirth symbolism. They also symbolise love, faith, and forgiveness, and because they're so colourful and egg-shaped, they're occasionally mistaken for Easter eggs.


Daisies are small delicate blooms that typically bloom in white or yellow. Daisies are a flower that represents purity, innocence, gentility, and loyalty. This blossom grows wild in grassy pastures and will almost certainly be carrying hidden Easter eggs in your egg hunts.


Hellebore is the earliest blooming plant on the list, blossoming in late winter and early spring. As a result, this perennial is also known as the winter rose, Christmas rose, and Lenten rose. It's associated with Lent in especially since it blooms during this season in many locations, and, like many springtime flowers, it symbolises rebirth.


They appear in a variety of colours, from white to pink to blue, and are another favourite spring flower. They're commonly grown as landscaping shrubs, creating lovely snowballs of blooms, and based on the climate, they can bloom as early as Easter. They're also sold as cut flowers for the Easter season elsewhere. Hydrangeas symbolise gratitude and understanding as an Easter gift.


Azaleas are one of the first shrubs to bloom in the spring; the remainder of the early bloomers are bulbs. They appear in a variety of colours, and the flowers are widely used as a sign of temperance, moderation, and love at Easter.

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