What Are the Meanings Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet?

Roses are known worldwide as a symbol of love. You can pick the number of roses according to the emotion you want to express and what message you want to give.

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Rose, a magnificent flower with soft, delicate petals layered around black center. Roses have more than a hundred species that come in different, size, color palettes. Some of its types are grandiflora rose, floribunda rose, polyantha rose, miniature rose, climber rose. Just like the abundant types, roses also come in a wide range of colors like shades of pink, shades of red, white, peach, orange, two toned and many more. Roses are known worldwide as a symbol of love. This flower is not only gorgeous on the outside but also each color and type comes with a deep meaning and significance. But did you know that the number of rose stems in a bouquet hold meaning and also carry a beautiful message just like the rose flower itself.

Here is a list of meaning each number of roses convey from glendale florist

A single rose

A single rose flower indicates ‘love at first sight’. Whenever we get attracted to someone we instantly think of giving them flowers and unconsciously most of us pick a rose, isn't it ? just not just like that but has meaning and conveys your budding love.

2 Roses

A bouquet made of two rose flowers is a mark of true love and you can give this bouquet to someone you are deeply in love with. If you feel that the bouquet looks a little empty. You can always and some white or green ferns to give it a fuller look.

3 Roses 

What to say about this one, give three roses to someone you want to express your feelings and say ‘I Love You’ to. This statement is more than just words, yet is very effective when said with true emotions

4 Roses 

Next in the list is a bouquet of four roses which gives a message that ‘nothing will come between you and I’. Get a four rose flower bouquet from a florist in peoria az for your partner and let her/him know that there is a long journey ahead.

5 Roses 

Bringing a bouquet of 5 roses is great when you want something for your better half, your girlfriend, boyfriend or someone you are attracted to. As five rose flowers signify deep love. Remember, you can always add some white or green accent flowers to your bouquet.

6 Roses

You can go for a 6 rose flower bouquet when you want to make your special someone that ‘I want to be yours’. Giving someone you are dating a bunch of six roses is the ideal approach to quietly indicate your desire to take your relationship to the next level.

7 Roses 

A bouquet of seven beautiful roses is just the number to send with elite flowers and gifts when you have a love for someone that you can no longer hold back. With this arrangement, you are letting your receiver know that you are madly in love with them and that they are the only thing on their mind. Seven is also known as the number of wisdom and truth.

10 Roses

A bouquet made of 10 rose stems is a simple yet powerful way to tell your loved ones how ‘they are so perfect’.

You can pick the number of roses according to the emotion you want to express and what message you want to give. Order Rose Flowers in Glendale AZ with easy delivery. Hurry up, order now !


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